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If you are considering having your windows cleaned, then be sure to make your stop at Keenwick or website first. While you might be persuaded to get out your equipment and try to clean up your windows or blinds and curtains yourself, it is best to remember that there are specialists for these services.

Even the slightest error of analysis can turn your efforts into a costly DIY disaster. If you have got multiple windows, having an expert eye on the job is even more crucial. cleaning window shades is a time-consuming task which you might not have.

Screen Cleaning
One of our most sold add-ons. Screen cleaning is a cost effective way to improve the view out of a recently cleaned window. During the year dust, debris, droppings, and dirt will find its way to collect on the inner and outer portion of the screen.

During our screen cleaning process, our technicians will remove the screen from the window, thoroughly clean the frame and mesh. When we replace the screens, we always make sure to latch and lock all screens and windows.

Screen burn is caused by aluminium screens, over time they deteriorate leaving a white, haze on the window. Often times, this will get confused with a cracked seal, which has to be replaced. At Keenwick, we will remove the screen burn from the window leaving it looking like new.

Exterior Light Cleaning
Exterior lights are essential in navigating your property at night however, bugs and other insects are also attracted to these lights. We will service these lights at an affordable cost leaving them brighter than ever.

Skylight Cleaning
Skylights are an important part of creating natural light inside your home. Since they are typically on the roof, exposure to the elements can be harsh on these windows. We will remove dirt, debris, and mold on these windows bringing in more natural light and protecting the window from deteriorating faster.

Dusting Services and Other Add Ons
• Chandelier Cleaning
• Indoor Fan Cleaning
• Mirror Cleaning

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Why Is My Window Cloudy? (Did The Technicians Skip A Window)

As windows age, the seals between the two window panes begin to erode. When this happens, moisture seeps in and causes the window to become foggy. The only solution to this is to replace the window.


Do I Need To Be Home For An Estimate?

We offer contactless estimates as we can see everything from the outside. If a customers has any questions or special needs we request the homeowner be present for the estimate.


How Often Should I Get My Windows Cleaned?

We recommend our customers get their windows cleaned every 4-6 months.


How Do I Prepare For The Service?

There is nothing we require homeowners to do before arrival. However, pulling up blinds and removing items in front of windows is greatly appreciated.


Is That A Scratch On The Window?

Our technicians use rubber squeegees, soft rags, and cloth strip washers when cleaning windows. Generally, scratches are uncovered during the cleaning process and are not from cleaning the window.


Are My Screens Causing My Window To Get Foggy?

Aluminum screens erode over time leaving small holes. In combination with the sun, these metal particles glue themselves to the window cause extreme haze. This is called "Screen Burn", 99% of the time we can restore...

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Reviewer Name
Donna D.

"Keenwick Window Cleaning was wonderful. The technicians were professional and worked diligently while answering my questions along the way. I've never had my windows professionally cleaned before, it's so nice to see the outside world clearly."

Reviewer Name
Lisa K.

"The usual good, pleasant service by the technicians. Windows are looking great!!"

Reviewer Name
Sue S.

"I am so Happy! My windows are so clean, all my neighbors are asking who did them."

Reviewer Name
George Noah

Keenwick Window Cleaning was wonderful. The technicians were professional and worked diligently while answering my questions along the way.

Reviewer Name
Sandy Z.

"After switching power washing companies, I finally found a company who does it right the first time. I did not know my deck was this dirty!"​

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Christian Miller

"What a wonderful company and the guys are very professional. Highly recommended"

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Ronda Gray

"if you are looking for a window cleaning or power washing service, I would look no further. Keenwick is the best around!"