A Guide to Choosing a Residential Window Cleaning Company

October 7, 2022

Residential properties look and feel better when their windows are clean, sparkling, and let in a lot of natural light. Quality window cleaning services can make a big difference to the quality of the cleaning.

Want to find a residential window cleaning company in Pasadena that meets your needs? If you want to hire a residential window cleaning company, how do you know they have experience? The following is a brief guide to selecting a residential window cleaning company in Pasadena. The only thing you need to do is ask some simple questions.

How Long Has the Company Been in Business?

A good window cleaning company is experienced, well-established, and knows the business inside out. Window cleaners have likely seen it all, such as custom windows with unique layouts and designs. In addition to window cleaning techniques, experience also includes other areas like understanding how to use specialized solutions in unreachable places.

Can they Provide me with References from their Customers?

Check the company’s references for recent clients it has served locally. If you ask them for a list of satisfied clients, they should be able to provide you with a few. If you are considering several shortlisted companies, ask for references from each. Get specific information about a window cleaning company’s professionalism, responsiveness, and trustworthiness.

Is your Business Licensed and Insured?

By asking for the company’s license and insurance, you can reduce your risk of being sued. All window cleaning companies should maintain workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance. By doing this, you can avoid working with companies that lack these documents or are hesitant to provide you with them.

Are there any Guarantees Regarding Services?

Window cleaning companies that specialize in residential window cleaning should provide guarantees. If you are not satisfied with the work, clarifying what can be expected will help you make an informed decision. It is important to ensure that the company offers a guarantee on their work and that they will not leave until you are satisfied.

Are the Company’s Pricing and Service Competitive?

Competitive and reasonable prices are essential for a reputable residential window cleaning company. Ensure that the services your cleaning company provides are consistent with the fee they charge. If you are considering hiring a company, make sure you conduct thorough research. You may be liable if an accident occurs if you choose a company with a lower price but no insurance policy.

Does the Company Conduct Background Checks?

Employee background checks are essential for window cleaning companies. As a result, you will be able to hire them with more confidence. Consider a company with a high level of professionalism, knowledge, and loyalty among its employees. Your home will always be safe when you hire a reputable company.


Select a cleaning company that has a good reputation and experience to work on your property and clean your windows. With Keenwick, we go the extra mile to deliver quality services that we can depend on so when we leave you will feel confident about the work. Feel free to contact us today so that we can assist you in finding the best window cleaning solutions for your needs based on your specific requirements.