Dirty Windows Got You Down? Top 10 Reasons to Hire the Window Cleaning Pros in Annapolis

March 26, 2024

Dirty Windows Got You Down? Top 10 Reasons to Hire the Window Cleaning Pros in Annapolis


Nobody likes dirty windows. Beyond the fact that they’re unsightly, smudges, streaks, and dirt can detract from even the most pristine house on the block. But window cleaning is usually far from the most enjoyable activity for homeowners. Between the hassle of painstakingly cleaning every window pane, along with the potential safety risks, this is one task that is usually best left to the professionals. 

Now that a new season is finally within our sights, most homeowners are focused on spring cleaning. While this usually refers to sifting through closets or tossing out old items, it also includes a little essential home maintenance — like cleaning windows. Before you trot out the ladder and balance dangerously on it to clean your windows, consider outsourcing this essential task to the experts. 

Beyond the Squeegee: Why Hire Window Cleaning Pros in Annapolis


We know that many homeowners are self proclaimed DIY-ers. They love to brag about how they can fully manage routine maintenance on their own. But there are definitely plenty of reasons to shift window cleaning to  licensed and bonded professional window cleaning pros in Annapolis. 

1. Safety First 

There’s nothing scarier than trying to balance not just your body weight but also cleaning equipment — while climbing or straddling a ladder. But if you’re cleaning windows, even those on the ground floor, you might have to do exactly that. This can be scary if you don’t have the right equipment, and can even lead to life-threatening injuries from slipping or falling. 

Even if slips and falls don’t occur, you might still experience sore or pulled muscles as you try to strain and figure out the proper posture or positions that not only effectively allow you to get into hard to reach places, but also reduces injury risks. Don’t put yourself through this. Professional cleaners have the equipment and expertise to tackle height and tricky window placements safely. 

2. Streak-Free Shine

It’s not just about the aesthetics of a truly clean window. Forget the streaks and smudges; pros know the right techniques and tools for crystal-clear results. But let’s dig deeper on this point. Windows might seem like they’re just glass, but it’s so much more than that. Depending on the material, or if there’s a special coating on the glass, you can’t just use that regular window cleaner in the spray bottle. 

For example, tinted windows require an ammonia-free cleaning solution. And if your windows have aluminum screens, this usually leaves a pattern that can be difficult to remove. An expert would know this and based on reviewing the windows in your home, can choose the right products. 

3. Time is Money

Yes, technically speaking, you can save money by cleaning your home’s windows yourself. But unless you don’t work, or only do so part time, this means that you have to give up your valuable and limited free time for a cleaning project. If you only get the weekends off, this usually means you’re dedicating at least half of your Saturday or Sunday to this task. 

That’s time you either don’t get to relax or that should have been spent elsewhere. Reclaim your time and relax while the experts do the dirty work. More importantly, the experts know how to clean your windows efficiently. So, instead of you spending a half or full day trying to clean every window in your home, an expert can do the job in a few hours. 

4. Extend Window Lifespan

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to accidentally damage the caulking around your windows or unintentionally create cracks in the frame just by cleaning the windows. Common mistakes can include using too much force or choosing the wrong cleaning supplies. Even worse, dropped cleaning tools or a wayward ladder can break a window — leading to a costly repair job. 

Similarly, a professional window cleaner can also help to prevent infestations. Many homeowners aren’t aware that insects like bees and wasps will sometimes build nests near or in window frames. An expert window cleaner can even identify potential damage from mold. If necessary, this means you have time to take advantage of preventative care solutions to avoid further damage developing that might require complete window replacements. 

5. Tackle Tough Jobs

Cleaning windows that are on the ground floor is already a challenging task. Maybe they’re oversized or require special cleaning solutions. But once you factor in windows on upper levels or specialty options like skylights and French panes, the situation becomes that much harder. A professional has the right tools to effectively and safely tackle tricky window cleaning projects. And they know how to manage hard-to-reach areas without risking injury or damage to your property.

6. Eco-Friendly Options

Most people don’t like the smell of harsh chemicals. But another aspect of being eco-friendly is to reduce water consumption. This sounds fairly easy, but if you’re not skilled at window cleaning, dragging the hose from the side of the house is a great way to spray water all over the lawn, create puddles, and raise your home’s water bill for the month. 

Because a professional knows what they’re doing, they can reduce water waste. Likewise, with more eco-friendly cleaning solutions, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into the ground and potentially tainting the local water supply. 

7. Insurance and Peace of Mind

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to find a random handyman that promises to clean your windows or manage household tasks for a few bucks. But these people usually aren’t licensed and bonded. This means that if that questionable “helper” breaks a window, damages your home’s exterior water lines or causes any other unexpected problems, you’re on the hook with your home insurance provider or have to fix it out of pocket. 

By contrast, a licensed and bonded professional window cleaning service is adept at efficiently cleaning windows. More importantly, if an issue does arise, they’re insured — meaning that the service provider has to cover the cost of repairs. That translates to a headache-free experience, and no higher home insurance premiums on your end.

8. Expertise for Every Window

You can’t clean every window you see using the same process. For example, historic homes — even if they’re not on the national or regional registry — may often require more specialized techniques or cleaning solutions to minimize the risk of damaging vintage window panes or frames. 

Similarly, for a high-rise build, you can’t just lean outside the window and try to clean it. You need an expert with the right equipment for either of these two tasks.  From historic homes to modern high-rises, pros handle diverse window types. 

9. Local Knowledge

The Annapolis region is home to some challenging weather from time to time. Whether there’s the risk of salt exposure because of its coastal positioning, or seasonal issues like nor’easters, there are plenty of reasons why picking a local expert will always be preferable. A local Annapolis-based service provider will know what tools are best for removing dried on salt buildup, or effectively clearing dirt and grime blown onto your windows during a storm. 

10. Professionalism and Convenience

Cleaning windows is usually low on most homeowner’s list of enjoyable activities. Having the freedom to outsource this necessary but unenjoyable task is a genuine value-added benefit that comes with hiring a professional. Knowing that you can book services for times that suit your needs, and that you don’t personally need to manage window cleaning offers essential peace of mind.  Experience personalized service, flexible scheduling, and a hassle-free experience. 

Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Your Annapolis Window Cleaning Solution


Shining, clean windows are the hallmark of a home that’s been well maintained. Keenwick Window Cleaning and Power Washing has been proudly serving the Annapolis region since 1999 when it was one of the few window cleaning companies in the Maryland area. With over 25 years of experience, this family-owned business has proven itself as a trusted solution for area homeowners. 

Not only does Keenwick serve as the premiere window cleaning solution for Annapolis, it also serves the surrounding Delmarva area. Key hallmarks of our service include same-day emailed estimates, recurring service plans, and even paperless invoice portals to make everything as convenient as possible. As the weather gets warmer, now is the perfect time to contact us for a no-obligation free estimate. If you’re located in Edgewater, Annapolis, Severna Park, Davidsonville, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Eastern Shore or Pasadena, give us a call today.