Top 10 Reasons Your Annapolis Business Needs Professional Pressure Washing

April 6, 2024

Beyond Just a Hose: Why Choose Professional Power Washing Annapolis, MD

No matter whether it’s a commercial or residential property, curb appeal matters. For homeowners, stained siding or brick exteriors, or a walkway that’s riddled with overgrown crabgrass and grime detracts from property value. Similarly, a grim-looking commercial building can make potential consumers think twice about frequenting your establishment. 

Without a doubt, your exterior needs a refresh and cleaning might be the best solution. But you might want to think twice before you grab a bucket and hose and attempt to DIY this project. In theory, yes this can be a cost-saving measure. But you might be better off hiring a professional power washing service in Annapolis, Maryland. Keep reading for 10 reasons to outsource this important job. 

1. Expertise and Experience

More than likely, as a homeowner you don’t also own a cleaning service that specializes in regularly providing professional power washing services. This means that if you choose to DIY this job, you’ll need to rent a power washer, and also assemble all of the necessary supplies. Power and pressure washing might seem straightforward, but they require training and skill to do properly. 

But if you don’t know what you’re doing it’s easy to damage exteriors either by using too much pressure or the wrong substances — leading to more costly repairs. This is why it’s best to outsource to professionals who understand different surfaces, pressures, and techniques for optimal cleaning without damage. 

2. Deep Cleaning Power

Similar to the first point, unless you’re in the power and pressure washing industries, it’s unlikely that a layperson will have access to commercial-grade equipment. This is by design to prevent consumers from potentially injuring themselves with equipment that they’re not properly trained to use. However, this also means that you might struggle to effectively remove deep-set dirt or grime from exterior surfaces. 

Similarly, you may feel like your time was wasted since you spent a weekend afternoon or took staff away from regular business tasks — only to be left with tough stains, grease, and mildew that didn’t get fully cleaned. By contrast, a professional can assess your exteriors, and is prepared with the right equipment and solutions to effectively remove dirt and grime so that your home or commercial property looks brand new again. 

3. Efficiency and Time Savings

We can’t stress enough that power and pressure washing are serious projects to attempt to DIY. And using the equipment required to complete these tasks can come with steep learning curves. For most homeowners and business operators, this means trying to rearrange already busy schedules or labor resources to allocate time and energy to complete this job. 

More importantly, a pressure washing project that a professional could complete in a few hours could take all day for someone that’s inexperienced. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to need more materials or water to complete the task because of unexpected errors and that steep learning curve. So, not only have you burned through your free weekend or an employee’s shift, but now you’ve also spent more on materials than intended. Avoid this by letting specialists handle the cleaning efficiently.

4. Safety First

Anytime you need to use tools to complete a project, there’s always a safety risk involved. With pressure washing, the risks can be dangerous. Shooting high pressure water at people or surfaces can send people to the hospital or break windows if done improperly. Additionally, excess water left on slick surfaces because someone mishandled a pressure washer can encourage accidents. Similarly, handling chemicals when you’re not trained to do so properly can be dangerous. 

Some solutions shouldn’t be mixed together because they can create noxious fumes. Likewise, some chemicals aren’t rated as safe for use on specific surfaces. Trained professionals know how to adjust the pressure to safely clean a variety of surfaces, and also minimize water use to avoid creating safety hazards. 

5. Eco-Friendly Options

Most people don’t give a lot of thought to how the chemicals and solutions they use for cleaning exterior surfaces can be damaging to the environment. But pressure washing your home’s exterior means that chemicals can spray onto the ground and surrounding green spaces.

At best (which is still bad for homeowners), this can damage your lawn and leave thin patches. But in extreme cases, those chemicals can leach into the water table, potentially exposing natural flora and fauna that rely on that water supply to hazardous materials. Similarly, pressure washing consumes significant amounts of water, especially if you’re using a stronger pressure than necessary. This can raise water costs. 

By contrast, professional cleaners know how to use environmentally friendly cleaning solution alternatives that don’t contain harsh chemicals that pose a hazard to the local water supply. Additionally, they also understand how to effectively clean exterior surfaces while still employing smart water-saving practices. 

6. Insurance and Peace of Mind

Whether you need your home or place of business cleaned, the last thing you want is to unintentionally create more expenses. In theory, yes you can save money by pressure washing exterior surfaces yourself. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s too easy to use too much pressure and cause significant damage. 

From broken windows to crumbling brick or damaged siding, this isn’t what any homeowner or business owner wants to face — increased premiums due to user error. This is why hiring a professional makes more sense. At a minimum, these individuals know what they’re doing and can efficiently clean your home or business. 

But more importantly, if structures are damaged these service providers are licensed and bonded with sufficient insurance to repair any situation that occurs. An added bonus is that you don’t have to worry about increased property insurance premiums since the vendor covers the cost of repairs.

7. Customized Solutions

Not all surfaces can be treated the same way. This not only applies to the actual material composition for surfaces that are being cleaned, but also the the type of cleaning that needs to be completed. Moldy siding, asphalt plant overgrowth, and simple salt and dirt buildup on brickwork all have to be treated differently.

Likewise, you might not use the same pressure setting on siding as you would brickwork or limestone. But the average consumer most likely doesn’t know that these situations call for different solutions. This is where a professional can get the job done properly the first time thanks to their expertise.

8. Extend Property Life

Beyond simply being unsightly, leaving grime, dirt, or even mold, moss, and invasive foliage on surfaces can create long-term structural damage. Think about ivy that grows on the side of buildings. Yes, it can be beautiful to look at and invoke concepts of regal charm. But in reality, the root systems such plants rely often create micro cracks throughout exterior structures, thereby reducing your home or office building’s structural integrity. And the same applies to sidewalks or parking lots that are allowed to become overrun with weeds or invasive plants. 

Left untouched, you might find yourself facing expensive building damage as foundational pieces need to be repaired. But when you hire a regular cleaning service, they can work to remove harmful contaminants and save you money in the long run. 

9. Improved Curb Appeal

Especially for homeowners hoping to attract bidders willing to pay top dollar, it’s hard to do if your home looks dingy, sad, and decrepit from the minute potential buyers pull up to your driveway. Mold-covered siding, grimy bricks, and dirt-covered sidewalks will almost always encourage lower offers as savvy buyers look to offset the added work (and associated costs) your dirty exteriors will require. 

Even if you’re not planning on putting your home on the market, the last thing you want is to be branded the worst looking home on the block. Avoid this by investing in a professional pressure washing. 

10. Local Knowledge and Understanding

We can’t stress enough that you can’t treat all exterior grime with the same cleaning process. Annapolis-based companies understand that sea salt thrown onto surfaces during storms and even good weather needs to be treated accordingly. Similarly, they also understand local regulations regarding water discharge requirements — especially when cleaning solutions are involved. 

Hire a Professional, Sit Back and Relax

To recap, yes, you can definitely attempt to clean your home or business’ exterior surfaces on your own. However, this can be risky when you consider the chances that you or an employee can damage the property, use chemicals or pressure that’s too intense for the surface material, and ultimately take too long and still not properly clean your home or place of business. 

Rather than taking this risk and wasting a whole day in the process, you should opt for hiring commercial pressure washing in Annapolis, Maryland. Keenwick Window and Power Washing has been providing stellar service to homeowners and businesses in the Annapolis region for 25 years and is ready with both the expertise and professional touch that you need to help keep your exterior surfaces clean and presentable. Contact us today to request a no-obligation quote.