What Are the Common Residential Window Cleaning Mistakes?

August 4, 2022

How easy do you think it is to clean windows? Simply spray some soapy water on it, wipe it clean with a newspaper, and you’re done. You are absolutely wrong. Cleaning windows adds a great deal of aesthetic value to a home, and this is an essential process.

However, cleaning windows can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with the procedure, so it’s important to avoid common mistakes when cleaning windows. To get the most satisfactory results from residential window cleaning, homeowners should avoid the following five mistakes.

Ignoring Large Dirt Particles

Cleaning dirty windows start with removing large dirt spots, followed by scrubbing them. You can remove dirt buildup with a trigger sprayer or scrub pad soaked in your favorite cleaning solution or with a microfiber towel. The next step is to clean the hard surfaces by applying a cleaning solution and rubbing them until there is no residue left.

Unsuitable Cleaning Solution

residential window cleaning

Using the wrong cleaning solution is the most common mistake. Regardless of what product you use for window cleaning, it can be time-consuming and tedious; using the wrong cleaner doesn’t make it any easier. If you want to prevent streaking on glass, it is important to use cleaners that are low in water content.

Using the Wrong Tools

Despite some people swearing by them, it is not recommended to use newspaper or paper towels. Newspaper can be used to wash your windows but it can have damaging side effects, such as coloring the frames and leaving inky residue on them. Lint left on the glass by paper towels, however, is unattractive. As a squeegee removes all the moisture from the glass, it is a great tool for cleaning windows.

Washing with Tap or Hard Water

Windows should not be cleaned with all types of water as high TDS can leave water marks on the windows. In spite of what it might seem, hard water is far from ideal for washing windows since it will create mineral buildup and leave unsightly marks. It is advisable to use soft or distilled water to clean because the minerals are scaled down and the cleaning is more effective.

Sunny Day for Cleaning

The obvious truth is that people wait for a sunny day to complete all outdoor tasks. If you need to clean your windows, do it on a cloudy day. Your detergent won’t dry immediately after applying it to the window pane, which is why it’s advisable to do the cleaning on a cloudy day. Cleaning on a sunny day will leave you with streaky windows because you won’t have time to scrub and scrape off the dirt and excess product.


The results can be disappointing and you may lose time or money if you make mistakes while window cleaning. You can keep your windows squeaky clean by avoiding these common mistakes. Many times, our windows remain unclean and neglected due to our hectic schedules.

Getting the job done correctly requires the help of a professional window cleaning company in Annapolis. When it comes to window cleaning, there are a lot of factors to consider in order to achieve streak-free results.

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