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When your business needs a spotless facade, commercial pressure washing is your solution. That’s because it not only revitalizes buildings but removes all stubborn stains, dirt, and grime from all the right places.

Power washing, or pressure washing, sprays water under high pressure to remove unwanted elements from buildings, masonry, fences, and concrete surfaces. Hot water is used in commercial cleaning situations for removal of tough oil stains.

First and the foremost, commercial power washing is essential for preventive maintenance of exterior surfaces. When it’s done professionally, commercial power washing extends the lifespan of your property.

Thus, it prevents rotting, decaying, and premature falling of loose materials by eliminating contaminants from surfaces.

Add on Commercial Power Washing Services
• Deck cleaning
• Concrete
• Fence
• Furniture
• Fleet truck/machine cleaning
• Patio
• Commercial degreasing
• Dumpster/trash can cleaning

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Do I Need To Be Home For An Estimate?

We offer contactless estimates as we can see everything from the outside. If a customers has any questions or special needs we request the homeowner be present for the estimate.


How Do I Prepare For The Service?

There is nothing we require homeowners to do before arrival. However, pulling up blinds and removing items in front of windows is greatly appreciated.

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Donna D.

"Keenwick Window Cleaning was wonderful. The technicians were professional and worked diligently while answering my questions along the way. I've never had my windows professionally cleaned before, it's so nice to see the outside world clearly."

Reviewer Name
Lisa K.

"The usual good, pleasant service by the technicians. Windows are looking great!!"

Reviewer Name
Sue S.

"I am so Happy! My windows are so clean, all my neighbors are asking who did them."

Reviewer Name
George Noah

Keenwick Window Cleaning was wonderful. The technicians were professional and worked diligently while answering my questions along the way.

Reviewer Name
Sandy Z.

"After switching power washing companies, I finally found a company who does it right the first time. I did not know my deck was this dirty!"​

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Christian Miller

"What a wonderful company and the guys are very professional. Highly recommended"

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Ronda Gray

"if you are looking for a window cleaning or power washing service, I would look no further. Keenwick is the best around!"