Frequently Asked Questions


Why is my window cloudy? (Did the technicians skip a window)

As windows age, the seals between the two window panes begin to erode. When this happens, moisture seeps in and causes the window to become foggy. The only solution to this is to replace the window.


Do I need to be home for an estimate?

We offer contactless estimates as we can see everything from the outside. If a customers has any questions or special needs we request the homeowner be present for the estimate.


How often should I get my windows cleaned?

We recommend our customers get their windows cleaned every 4-6 months.


How do I prepare for the service?

There is nothing we require homeowners to do before arrival. However, pulling up blinds and removing items in front of windows is greatly appreciated.


Is that a scratch on the window ?

Our technicians use rubber squeegees, soft rags, and cloth strip washers when cleaning windows. Generally, scratches are uncovered during the cleaning process and are not from cleaning the window.


Are my screens causing my window to get foggy ?

Aluminum screens erode over time leaving small holes. In combination with the sun, these metal particles glue themselves to the window cause extreme haze. This is called "Screen Burn", 99% of the time we can restore...