How Often Should You Clean Your Windows? A Guide for Homeowners and Business Owners

March 6, 2023

Windows are important to any home or business as they provide natural light and ventilation. They are the perceptible reflection of the inhabitants’ state of mind.

Clear and spotless windows can improve your home’s and business exterior’s appearance and promote a pleasant and healthy indoor atmosphere.

However, windows can become dirty over time, affecting their function and aesthetic appeal. Therefore, cleaning your windows is essential to maintain their longevity and ensure that they work effectively.

How often should you clean your windows?

For Homeowners

Usually, dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate on your windows over a certain period of time, affecting their clarity and reducing their lifespan.

Thus, the general recommendation for residential window cleaning indicates that you should clean your windows at least twice a year.

Seasonal changes can also impact the cleanliness of your windows, with the rainy season and winter being the prime time for windows to become dirty. Therefore, cleaning your windows by the end of each season is also important.

Business Owners

Commercial window cleaning is required to maintain a positive working environment and create a good first impression. Therefore, business owners must clean their windows at least once a month.

On the other hand, if your business is located in an area with high traffic, you may need to clean your windows more often to remove fingerprints, smudges, and other dirt accumulating on your windows.

Other Important Guidelines for Window Cleaning

Apart from the above general guidelines, some essential factors can impact the frequency of window cleaning, such as:

  • If your building is in an area with high humidity, the windows may need to be cleaned more frequently to prevent mold growth.
  • In case you own pets or reside in a region with excessive pollen cleaning your windows more often to eliminate pet hair, dander, and pollen accumulation make be necessary.


Window cleaning can be challenging and delicate, demanding attention to detail. That’s where a window cleaning company comes in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What factors affect how often windows should be cleaned?

Factors that impact window cleaning frequency include the location of the property, the amount of foot traffic or pollution in the area, and the type of windows.

Generally, commercial properties may require more frequent cleaning than residential properties, and windows in urban areas may need cleaning more often than those in rural areas.

Also, windows that receive direct sunlight or exposure to harsh weather require more frequent cleaning.

2. Should I clean my windows myself or hire a professional?

It ultimately depends on your comfort level and the size of the job. While cleaning windows yourself can save money, it can be time-consuming and potentially dangerous.

Getting professional help is always preferable as they have the necessary tools, expertise, and safety equipment to efficiently and safely clean your windows.

Choose Keenwick Window Cleaning and Power Washing services for a sparkling result at affordable prices.

3. Is it necessary to clean windows during all seasons of the year?

Window cleaning frequency may vary based on the season. Due to pollen, dust, and insects, spring and summer may require more frequent cleaning. On the other hand, fall cleaning is important due to leaves and debris, and winter cleaning because of snow, salt, and grime.

However, the frequency also depends on the location and climate of the property. Consult the experts at Keenwick Window Cleaning and Power Washing to know more.

4. What are the benefits of regularly cleaning windows for homeowners and business owners?

Regular window cleaning can enhance the appearance of a property, increase curb appeal, and promote a positive image for businesses. It can also improve natural light and energy efficiency by allowing more sunlight into the building.

Removing dirt, grime, and other pollutants from windows can extend the lifespan of the windows and prevent damage, potentially saving on costly repairs or replacements.

5. What are some common window cleaning methods and products?

Common window cleaning methods include using a squeegee, microfiber cloth, or newspaper with a cleaning solution such as vinegar and water, dish soap and water, or a specialized window cleaning solution.

Professionals at Keenwick use the latest equipment and cleaning solutions to give the best result. Our products include glass cleaners, eco-friendly cleaners, and specialized cleaning tools such as scrapers or brushes.